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I’m not always sure…

Like it states in the title “i’m not always sure…” about a lot when it comes to my disabled son Grayson, but i take each day as it comes.

I think I find it the hardest when he is ill. They say that as his parent no one knows him better than you which i think 95% of the time is true.

It is difficult caring for him and with him not being able to tell you in anyway how he is feeling or what he wants other than in the way he has learnt to can be gut wrenching at times.

So when he is ill his disability’s seem so much worse, other than cleaning his nose and dosing him up on everything you can  i just have to sit there and suffer so to speak.

Watching him struggling to breathe and swallow through his mouth because his nose is so blocked, barely eating at the best of times as it is so when ill next to nothing on the food front.

But even after all this suffering he goes through on a fairly regular basis, he still manages to make me smile even when inside his own head he’s probably screaming “daddy help me”

And all I can do is carry on what I am doing I guess.

I love you son xxx



A Sign of Things to Come…I Hope

For some time now I’ve been struggling to come up with some idea’s for blog posts…

Actually let’s start again, not so much as idea’s for posts but relative content. Idea’s is the easy part if you ask me it’s all the finer details which in actual fact is surprising as I’m full of useless information and like the wife says i do like to waffle!

So why am I struggling so much and then this morning it hit me. Why not just start off small and write about my day-to-day life in general a bit like a diary I suppose.

It may not be of much interest to anyone but it’s a way for me to get into the rhythm of writing better so without further a do here go’s.

First thing this morning I’m woken with a startle i can hear Kara screaming my name (and not in the way i would like if you get my drift ;)) as she was up with our baby daughter Addison who is ill at the moment (bless her)

and had been sick all over the pair of them to the point neither could move so that was me up @6.30 baring in mind i hadn’t gone to sleep till 1am due to watching The Departed on Film4+1 so quite knackered.(my own doing I know)

So now time to come to, a cup of tea, toast and the news to start followed by our son Grayson waking about 7.30 nappy changes all round then milk and medicine administered to both.

8am is breakfast time, cereal for Addison & Milky bar yoghurt for Grayson (it’s all he eats for breakfast) then Kara is off to work in the quiet of the bedroom as she works from home on Thursdays.

So now it’s just Grayson, Addison and me. 8.30 news watched and now for toys and kids TV whatever isn’t screamed at by Grayson goes on, Addison is easy-going she’ll watch anything.

9.55 and Addison has passed out on the front room floor of to bed she go’s for a few hours we hope it’ll do her good. 10am time for Grayson’s first meal of the day and today we have chicken and parsnip bake, it stinks to high heaven I can’t believe he enjoys this but each to their own as the saying go’s!

Grayson finished back to his toys and TV please remember he is disabled and all he enjoys is TV,toys & chocolate in case you think I’m a bad/lazy parent for letting him watch so much.

And now to this blog post which has taken some time but what’s the rush and bear in mind running around keeping an eye on him and seeing to other stuff in the flat time flies by and on that note I can smell a nappy that needs changing!

Wordless Wednesday

Silent Sunday

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Friday Photo Time

Well here’s my first #flashbackfriday post hopefully there will be many more to come.

As always inspired by the most incredible woman in the world Kara aka innocentcharmer

Here’s one of the siblings & partners on one of our few trips to DisneylandParis back in 2006, man how we have all changed!


And here is my Friday photo phone dump.




Wordless Wednesday

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Silent Sunday

Boys Will Be Boys

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