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Whats on your Mp3 player? – Meme

I was tagged by Kara of innocentcharmschats to give this a go so I thought I better oblige.

How does it work I hear you say..well your in luck I’m going to tell you so everyone can give it a go.

Firstly take your Mp3 player or phone whatever you use to listen to your collections, select shuffle and then list the first five tracks that play and no skipping is allowed be honest.

This is going to be very amusing for some…so lets begin.

  1. Katy B – Katy on a Mission I love this track it has an incredible bass-line which I really enjoy and it makes the hair on my arms stand up!
  2. Craig David (Featuring Sting) Rise & Fall This one is awesome, it makes the wife and me sing out loud and it always gets turned up!
  3. Curtis Mayfield –  Superfly I’ve only been into this artist for about six months but nearly everything this man produced is so easy to listen to and he covers some of the genre’s I’m into.
  4. Linkin Park – What I’ve Done Great song from an awesome film too!
  5. Bruno Mars – Marry You Cheesy but a good tune, I sing it to the wife whenever it comes on.

So there you go my shuffled five tracks. So now to tag someone else…And our survey says @bublet2011 enjoy!

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