About Me

Hi all,

OK lets write something about me…

Name yes I have one only joking what you mean you don’t have one omg your Mr nobody…

That’s how I feel sometimes but hopefully anyone reading this blog I hope will get a better insight of the kind of man I am.

My name is Ashley but prefer ash, I’m 34 yr’s young ha-ha, I have two incredible Children Grayson is two & half  and Addison she has just gone four months. They both mean the world to me and i would lay down my life for them in a heart beat.

I’m married to the most desirable, intellectual & most of all greatest woman I will ever know she is my soul mate  and I thank the stars above for allowing her to step into my life. P.S her name is Kara aka innocentcharmer.

I’ve had various jobs in the past but currently reside as a part-time  HGV driver working for my father in-law, the rest of the time I’m a stay at home dad and so proud to be aswell.

I enjoy Amateur photography currently using Nikon D90 but not to its full potential, most sport (I follow Man Utd) especially Motorsports, I like to think of myself as a computer whizz.

Big Big Big movie buff/nut and i absolutely love gadgets of all shapes and sizes, I’m currently working round each room to see what gadget can be purchased next.

Well I think I’ve bored you enough now thanks for taking a look, bye-bye.



  1. Great page lovely, your writing on comments doesn’t show when typing by the way. Thanks for your lovely words about me, you are my soul mate too xxx

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